An end and a new beginning

60th story of the pitchbook on home electrical installations

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 — Within the framework of the European Copper Institute’s (ECI) Flexibility and Functionality programme, a series of pitchbook stories has been published over the course of the past three years. This 60th story marks the end of the series and takes a look at the future.

Modern electrical home installations

In the last decade, electrical installations in homes and apartments have become increasingly important. Life without electricity is almost unimaginable.

Previously, having a few lighting points and power sockets sufficed to describe the modern electrical installation. Today, this is no longer the case. On the one hand, lots of functionalities have been added. On the other, the demand for a more flexible installation has risen. It has become increasingly important that the installation can evolve with the changing needs of the occupants. This sometimes does not get sufficient attention in day-to-day life. This is why the pitchbook stories have shown such great diversity in its discussions of functionalities, and suggested solutions to increase flexibility.

Content of the pitchbook stories

The pitchbook stories can be subdivided into ten themes:

  1.        Lighting
  2.        Flexibility
  3.        Sunshades, shutters, garage doors and curtains
  4.        Door communication and access control
  5.        Integrated Home Systems (IHS)
  6.        Solar power
  7.        Assisted living
  8.        Indoor climate and heating
  9.        Safety and alarms
  10.    Additional networks and appliances

The focus has been on presenting feasible and affordable solutions.

And what about the future?

It is virtually certain that consumer’s attention to the possibilities of their electrical installation will continue to increase in the coming years. Ten thematic white papers are being prepared regarding home installations, subdivided into the same ten themes as described above. This is being done to increase the awareness among architects and others setting building specifications regarding the growing number of possibilities of modern electrical installations These white papers will be made available on ECI’s Leonardo Energy website (

Additional pitchbook stories will be published as new technologies and functionalities arise in the future.

Can you do something?

Absolutely. All pitchbook stories can be a source of inspiration for your own end-user oriented communications and publications. Reread and use them. Various stories or parts of them have been widely published in third party communications, in the target audience’s native language. We are very grateful for your help in getting the message of greater energy efficiency, safety and convenience out to the public.

We welcome any contribution if you would like to react to this series.

All pitchbook stories can be consulted via the link listed below.


Image caption: The 60 pitchbook stories cover the most common functionalities and possibilities of contemporary modern home electrical installations. (Photo source: Fotolia)

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